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Dalmellington Road

Waterside, Patna, nr Ayr

Ayrshire, KA6 7JH

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    Latest News (to end of Feb 2016)


The Scottish Industrial Railway Centre is operated by volunteers from the Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group, Charity Number SC 016127.

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NCB No. 10 is due its annual cold and steam tests before we can commence the new season at the beginning of May, and already, preparatory work to enable the boiler inspector to carry out the necessary examinations has begun.


The main task of lifting and relaying the four tracks leading up to the Loco Shed continues unabated, as it is essential this work is completed before the end of March.


By the end of Jan 2016, the track had more or less been relaid, with the main outstanding works being to cut the rails to the correct length, and then drilling out the holes to accept bolts for the fishplate connections.


Rails for roads 1 and 2 have already been cut and drilled, and these are now ready to be fastened down to the sleepers, allowing the fishplates to be finally connected up. As soon as roads 3 and 4 are cut and drilled, we can then level all four tracks and bring in the ballast to complete the job.



National Coal Board Ayrshire Area No. 10. Our most faithful servant, has provided the motive power at the Scottish Industrial Railway Centre for years, and is now due its annual cold and steam examinations imminently.

A view inside the cab of NCB No. 10. She is now due her annual examination before we can use her again this year. Whilst not anticipating any problems, one never knows that everything will be OK until the boiler Inspector has visited, and carried out all the usual checks.

Ongoing trackworks at the Loco Shed. Rails are being  cut to the  correct length and are then going to be connected to the existing tracks outside the Loco Shed  1st Mar 2016.

Once the rails have been cut to length, they are placed onto the track to be drilled to accept the fishplates  to join with the existing track. Here Ian Haveron gets to grips with the drill 1st Mar 2016.

The Board of Directors of Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group has decided to  investigate the possibility of restoring another of our steam locomotives to full working order. The most likely candidate for this work is NCB Fife Area No. 23, which was built by Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co Ltd as their works No. 2260 of 1949. Further news will be forthcoming in the near future.

Andrew Barclay Works No. 2260 of 1949, National Coal Board Fife Area No. 23 reposes in the sun at Dunaskin awaiting her turn in the "To be restored line". The Group are now looking at restoring her to full working order. This would give the Group a "spare" steam locomotive just in case of any failure occuring to No. 10.

Situations Vacant - as the number of visitors to Dunaskin increases, we require more working members to help run our season of Steam Days.  How would you like to become involved and learn to be a Guard, Ticket Inspector, or Fireman (or woman) ? After a while, you could become a Driver too. Apply now !

Jim Davidson cutting rail at Dunaskin 1st Mar 2016 Ian Haveron drilling rail at Dunaskin 1st Mar 2016 Picture 777 Picture 618 Picture 597 Picture 599